the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 310 – Confession #1: Surrender

To surrender is to:
Breathe in the unforgivable toxins that assault your most precious lungs

Yes, you know the danger that awaits you and you continue to welcome it

You inhale the negative possibilities,
The indiscriminate liabilities,
The physically-impairing invalidities

Allowing them to consume you

But presume that you, for a second,
Stopped this? Well, maybe not this
But, in time? And with time?

Perhaps you’ll learn to not surrender so easily
Reconsider your strengths and rid of failed attempts
For failure is just a mistake in disguise
Ready for transformation into realizations of new visions

See, each incision
With mistakes you carve into you the most unique scars
That toughen your skin, make you stronger within.

So if today you must surrender to the whims of defeat
Know that your damaged lungs and scars do not stop you from moving.
You have feet left to follow,
And mistakes left to make.

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Day 252 – After the Rain

Shutter, click. Capture with the blink of an eye.
Impatient, proceed without caution.
Becoming, irate with a more hesitant approach.
Destruction, as I slam onto the brakes.
They despise my moves.
With patience: diminished.
And wait, they’re not finished.
The others try to avoid, and swerve.
A most disturbing noise.
A crash, yet they clash.
And crumple, like aluminum cans.
The impatient takes off.
And the shatter echoes.
And echoes.
And rings into my ears.
The pain ricochets through a sliver of glass,
No taller than height of my wrist.
It rewinds, and plays in slower motion,
Such fluid motion.
Gold flashes and leaves us.
And panicked, Reds blend with more Gold
And Red tumbles over
Into the embankment
Choking in speed.
And stopped only by Mother Nature herself,
As she reaches out and holds up her arms.
Ready, to catch them.
And the rest move on, unwilling to turn back.

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Day 245 – Less than Excited Taste Buds

“If you can cook, recession money doesn’t matter. If you can cook, time doesn’t matter… My wish is for you to help a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”
-Jamie Oliver TED Prize Wish: Teach every child about food

Yes, it hurts to know that there is another way to suffer.
And it comes from what we eat?

Gone are the days that each home gathers to
Create a most delicious meal,
Cue the excuses:
But I have a broken family.
I don’t have a traditional one. It’s not as it used to be.
I have no time, this is the best I can do.
Times change and we must adapt.

But to adapt to this?
I am ashamed.
I am hurt.

Corporations, with your evil bidding.
Another commercial flashes,
Drawing lines,
Forging borders so difficult to cross,
Mass producing to excess,
Imposing regulations and
Forcing upon us that which should not be called food.
Sculpting our minds so that we accept it.
And learn to forget regret.

And on this soil alone an oversupply of waste:
Fast food, processed, boxed, packaged, weighed.

How delicious? Cannot wait to dig into another (un)Happy Meal.
What a steal!
A bargain!
Only a few bucks and I’ve got myself a dinner.
And the sickening flavors churn with additives that I do not know the names of.
Oh, I thought I was educated, I can read, can’t I?

How about a little bit of a change.
And alteration to shake up the bowl of popcorn,
To wake up a population blinded from scorn,
Can we not SPEAK UP for our rights to live?
Fight back those who are too harsh to forgive.
They who decide what we put in our system.
Time is running out, why won’t they listen?

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Day 238 – Make Your Move

What do you want?
Is this what you want?
To be contemplative and redundant?
To sit idle and non-expressive?
No, it is time to stop.
You must want you want should want.
Don’t you want to be invigorated with energy?
Don’t you want leave prints that are
Big enough to remain unfilled.
Don’t you wish for the glory and riches?
Glory in your honor.
Riches of your soul.
Don’t you hope for the pain to subside?
Please, confide.
In me.
In him.
In her.
In anyone.
Do not wait,
For it will leave you without hopes.
Please, release the tears that you have
Bottled up for years.
They serve no purpose on the shelf,
For collecting dust is nothing but
Stop waiting for something to change.
I urge you.
For out there, someone is waiting for you,
To change them,
And aid them.
For they hold you to your will.
So stop sitting still.

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Day 228 – Well Spent

Stumble, simply tumble.
And leap through archways.
And for a while,
Don’t walk a mile.
Instead, I beg of you
To take a breath
Take nothing less.
I plead with you
Please quiet the questions
That burden you so.
I implore this of you.
For this substantive land
Is yours to explore.
And now?
I grant you a few hours,
So spend them wisely.
I now pronounce you:
At peace.

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Day 217- Waiting Game

the seconds pass too slowly for my liking
i apologize if i stutter
and scream
and jump
and shutter when i hear that you’re a little late
i’m sorry, it’s not like i’ve already
penciled this in…
i’m just more than ready
for a reason to have no reasons
and ‘tis the season
to be more lackadaisical
at least that’s what i’m told
not like it’s a waste,
just don’t be so wasteful

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Day 212 – To Do

Scheduled, recorded,
One after the other.
And though you managed to
Rest up for a little bit
May I remind you that
From twelve to two, you’re scheduled to work and catch up and eat your lunch.
And two to five, sit through both classes, ten minutes to speed walk, look alive,
And five to six, run back in the rain and get familiarized and “trained”.
And six, head spinning for an hour or so, Where were we supposed to meet, where to go?
So until seven thirty five, let’s chat, oh wait didn’t know we’d be talking about that.
And seven thirty five to eight forty five, let’s squeeze in a meal; “You kids are crazy…” he tells me.
And a few minutes time, I’ll walk back to warmth, perhaps reread some mail,
And a nice Congratulations has made itself comfortable in your inbox,
And finally ten to eleven comes around, and it’s time to put on that bright smile you’ve found.
And eleven thirty and it’s time to breathe.
No wonder you fall into the deepest sleep.