the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 238 – Make Your Move

What do you want?
Is this what you want?
To be contemplative and redundant?
To sit idle and non-expressive?
No, it is time to stop.
You must want you want should want.
Don’t you want to be invigorated with energy?
Don’t you want leave prints that are
Big enough to remain unfilled.
Don’t you wish for the glory and riches?
Glory in your honor.
Riches of your soul.
Don’t you hope for the pain to subside?
Please, confide.
In me.
In him.
In her.
In anyone.
Do not wait,
For it will leave you without hopes.
Please, release the tears that you have
Bottled up for years.
They serve no purpose on the shelf,
For collecting dust is nothing but
Stop waiting for something to change.
I urge you.
For out there, someone is waiting for you,
To change them,
And aid them.
For they hold you to your will.
So stop sitting still.

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Day 222 – Do Without

If I had to do away with
Everything unneeded in my veins
I’d willingly give up all that has
Wrapped its greasy grip around me.
I would forgo my precious naïveté,
Which has held me in suspended bliss for too long.
I would sacrifice my sarcasm,
Which always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
I would abandon my abhorrence,
Which showcases my petty discomfort for all that is unsatisfactory
And I would surrender my cynicism,
For it never shows me mercy, only heartache.

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Day 219 – Gratitude

If there is something to be thankful for,
It is not the 800-thread count sheets
(that cradles you in your sleep)
Nor the carefully-crafted capitalist mindset
(that has been slipped into your morning cereal)
Nor the overly salted and spiced reality television shows
(that showcases insecurities)
Nor the countless stamps of approval
(on all that you stream on sticky webs)
Nor the saturated fats
(that plague and clog individuality)
Nor the bites of ignorance
(that is spoon-fed by yellow journalists)
If there is something to be thankful for,
Be it your ability to read,
Be it the courage to step away from tradition,
Be it the strength to fight hopeless battles,
Be it the sensitivity to listen,
And the compassion to understand.

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Day 213 – Reverse Perspectives

oh what a sheltered life
and Crisis cried
calling for more time
“keep up with the news
and let champions lose”
for tired eyes are meant to sigh
and exhaustive speeds
rooted in greed
waiting for appreciative hands
I mean…
oh what an incredible life
and never mind, at least you tried
calling forth an adventurous ride
“keep up with the times
and soak in the rhymes”
for thankful eyes are meant to cry
and impenetrable peace
has been increased
welcoming new demands