the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 245 – Less than Excited Taste Buds

“If you can cook, recession money doesn’t matter. If you can cook, time doesn’t matter… My wish is for you to help a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”
-Jamie Oliver TED Prize Wish: Teach every child about food

Yes, it hurts to know that there is another way to suffer.
And it comes from what we eat?

Gone are the days that each home gathers to
Create a most delicious meal,
Cue the excuses:
But I have a broken family.
I don’t have a traditional one. It’s not as it used to be.
I have no time, this is the best I can do.
Times change and we must adapt.

But to adapt to this?
I am ashamed.
I am hurt.

Corporations, with your evil bidding.
Another commercial flashes,
Drawing lines,
Forging borders so difficult to cross,
Mass producing to excess,
Imposing regulations and
Forcing upon us that which should not be called food.
Sculpting our minds so that we accept it.
And learn to forget regret.

And on this soil alone an oversupply of waste:
Fast food, processed, boxed, packaged, weighed.

How delicious? Cannot wait to dig into another (un)Happy Meal.
What a steal!
A bargain!
Only a few bucks and I’ve got myself a dinner.
And the sickening flavors churn with additives that I do not know the names of.
Oh, I thought I was educated, I can read, can’t I?

How about a little bit of a change.
And alteration to shake up the bowl of popcorn,
To wake up a population blinded from scorn,
Can we not SPEAK UP for our rights to live?
Fight back those who are too harsh to forgive.
They who decide what we put in our system.
Time is running out, why won’t they listen?

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243 – Cloud Nine

I could have lived in a world
Ruled by impossible cruelty or royalty
Dictated by the selfish desires of fictional characters
Driven mad by the sense of an all-powerful notion or energy
Where the oceans can rage in continuous mutiny
And volcanic eruptions are not pleasantly distanced by borders
And disasters are not confined to square screens and undefinable space

No, today some live in a world much worse
Ruled by the intentions of the wealthiest beings
Dictated by the influences of greedy (yet real) leaders
Driven mad by condemning stigmas and stereotypes
Where the oceans bathe in toxic scrutiny
And panoramic corruptions are more violent than tectonic plates
And disasters are belittled as we are divided by creed and race

And though faith can sometimes be hard to come by
I know to rule my mind with the courage to challenge power
I will dictate my dreams into attainable goals
I will drive into the depths of certain vicissitude
Where the oceans sing in enchantment and harmony
And the earth trembles with approval of changing currents
And disasters are welcomed and transformed into lessons worth learning

Yes, that is the world I choose to live in
And I have hope that others will choose this world too.

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Day 122 – News Flash

Hey Mama, did you catch the news?
Kanye and Jay-Z, your rap ain’t lined with real rhythm and blues
‘Cause if ya havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for you son
This world’s got more than 99 problems
I’m pretty sure a bitch ain’t one

Suspected Islamists kill three police officers in Nigeria…
Why you think “Western education is forbidden”? Do we not fit the criteria?
And if you’re about to come up with some ill-tasting slur
We’ll just blame our inadequate education just to be sure

And look…
Four Palestinians killed in latest Israeli air strikes on Gaza
And all you knew about the Israelis was:
They eat bread (like challah) and soups with matzah?
In fine print…
Moscow is providing thousands of tons of wheat
Kim Jong-il knows food shortages don’t taste all that sweet

Oh shit, you thought the Middle East was over it?
New Syrian protests turn deadly, BBC, we have another memory
Another thought quickly filed into the appropriate compartments of our minds:
The “Do Not Bother Reading, There’s Nothing You Can Do” section of
The Unread Times

So you’re telling me
I’m supposed to read the news everyday?
Have you even looked at the news tonight?
I’m afraid of opening up each window
(Which by the way, has been favorited, bookmarked, recommended, liked)
For fear of being blasted by pain,
Being deafened by screams for mercy,
Being washed away in a flood of tears
And being forced to feel something…

‘Cause wait, you’re just a little too comfortable sitting at this screen
And flippin’ through your neatly printed magazine
Twisted and polished by this consumer lifestyle of the money-makin’ scene
But if you truly insist, to just coexist
Don’t say I didn’t warn you,
‘Cause ignorance ain’t bliss

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Day 121 – Are They Blind?

Why can’t they see
That I am unable to meditate here?
Between the dew on the grass and the thick aloe plants
My compass fails me

She’s leaving again, He’s leaving again
Why do they always have to go?

I try to hold in the sadness
Though it reflects in puddles at my feet
And it freezes with the snow, into sleet

And sometimes I awake from my slumber
Drenched in nervous sweat
Trickling down my cheeks

Never lost, but mostly misplaced
My longing thoughts do not easily precipitate
For the vapor stays, contributing to the tributary of my tears

Why can’t they see that we’re a little bit more broken every time they leave?
And how is it that they do not notice the tears on my sleeve?