the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 245 – Less than Excited Taste Buds

“If you can cook, recession money doesn’t matter. If you can cook, time doesn’t matter… My wish is for you to help a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”
-Jamie Oliver TED Prize Wish: Teach every child about food

Yes, it hurts to know that there is another way to suffer.
And it comes from what we eat?

Gone are the days that each home gathers to
Create a most delicious meal,
Cue the excuses:
But I have a broken family.
I don’t have a traditional one. It’s not as it used to be.
I have no time, this is the best I can do.
Times change and we must adapt.

But to adapt to this?
I am ashamed.
I am hurt.

Corporations, with your evil bidding.
Another commercial flashes,
Drawing lines,
Forging borders so difficult to cross,
Mass producing to excess,
Imposing regulations and
Forcing upon us that which should not be called food.
Sculpting our minds so that we accept it.
And learn to forget regret.

And on this soil alone an oversupply of waste:
Fast food, processed, boxed, packaged, weighed.

How delicious? Cannot wait to dig into another (un)Happy Meal.
What a steal!
A bargain!
Only a few bucks and I’ve got myself a dinner.
And the sickening flavors churn with additives that I do not know the names of.
Oh, I thought I was educated, I can read, can’t I?

How about a little bit of a change.
And alteration to shake up the bowl of popcorn,
To wake up a population blinded from scorn,
Can we not SPEAK UP for our rights to live?
Fight back those who are too harsh to forgive.
They who decide what we put in our system.
Time is running out, why won’t they listen?

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Day 242 – Beyond Shadows

I was the one you always dreamed of,
You were the one I tried to draw.
How dare you say it’s nothing to me?
Baby, you’re the only light I ever saw.
-John Mayer

To be dedicated to another is more than love
In its purest form it is understanding
Boundless lifetimes of listening
The will to listen, the courage to understand
And allow your soul to shed humility.

For after earth-shattering depravity
Arises triumph of one’s inner-spirit
And to give with no expectation
Of receiving or breathing
Comes a most pleasurable reward

Not one of tremendous proportions
Nor riches, currency, and credit
Rather, an unidentifiable satisfaction
That cannot wave its flag high
As it is beyond the reaches of our atmosphere

For what is true love but self-love?
The love of acceptance of one's honesty
In order to listen and understand to one's calling
No, it is not egotistical to love you,
But with vulnerability, there will be no need to run away.

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Day 237 – Healing

Young one, I sense your fear in your eyes.
But if this is the route you choose,
I support you.
I cannot guarantee you will not feel the side effects,
Nor will you be void of any risk, but…
I support you.
Young one, I know you are pressured into this seat.
So, I will not question your motives.
But know, that there are consequences.
Like an altered state of mind,
Or different emotions creeping out of passageways,
Or new ways to react to your change.
Perhaps you’ll lash out in anguish.
Or collapse in agony.
Or rejoice in ecstasy.
Or laugh in serenity.
But I assure you, I cannot assure you of any of these.
I assure you that I cannot promise you will not experience these.
I apologize if I’m a little inconvenient.
And the side effects may not be what you desire.
But you desire to follow through with your decision.
You desire an outcome more fruitful than before.
You want to avoid scars,
But I cannot promise there will be no blade.
You want to prevent heartache,
But I cannot stop yours from breaking.
You want to enjoy the bounty of relief,
But I cannot hold up the burden.
You want to change the stars,
But I cannot stop them from blinding you.
If you have chosen this path,
Please know that you cannot go back.
You’ll have to adapt, despite the cost.
Young one, I support you. Just do not get lost.