the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 232 – Losin’ It

Deliver me: a cardboard box
full of freshly baked and pressed nonsense.
Transform these unwritten pages
into productive creations from my melting brain.
It slouches to the left, what poor posture it has;
it slumps to the right, what laziness is has.
It refuses to write, it does not stand upright.
Forgive me if if sound like I’m going insane.

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Day 206 – Stubborn Shoes

Take these here stubborn shoes,
I’ve loosened them, the laces undone
For you to easily slip your feet into
So uncross your bent knees
Pull up your socks beyond the heel
And let the cotton threads mold your shape
Come on, take these stubborn shoes
They’ve taught me to be quite odd
For I’ve been stubborn throughout these hours
Pouring my happiness into this meal
And forcing myself to be numb in the chill
Winter frost surrounding my
Goosebumped arms and hands
Why yes, I took it even further
By entering the social setting
And cheering until my throat is dry
My voice, it’s gone, so gone
Why oh why did I
Wear these stubborn shoes tonight?