the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 244 – Be Vulnerable

I tell you, bring me your finest
All that you have to offer
Give me your life’s worth
And everything I need to prosper

Provide me with plenty
Of meals to satisfy a hunger
Take pride but give me patience
For you’ll lose hours of your slumber

Disregard my persistence
This invasive interview
This is not mere jealousy
It is my fixation with only you

I tell you, you must bring me your finest
All that you own and more
Because if you do not surrender fully
You might as well walk out the door

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Day 236 – Sincerely

To the soul who has saved me:
I owe you much more.
For when I was misplaced.
You opened the door.
You showed me the horizon.
When the pain settled in.
You absorbed the poison
Until I could begin.
You left the light on,
As I searched for the key.
You presented me patience.
Down on one knee.
Despite the evils,
That challenge my best,
I tell you, I’m grateful.
For you’ve given me rest.

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Day 223 – Two Givers

Some give because they can
Others choose to give a helping hand
Or an arm, a leg, and more
There are really only two types
Of people who truly serve,
Who choose to
Engage in a community
In order to
Make a difference
Solve a problem
Carry burdens
Shoulder heavy costs

The first, well he certainly gives his
Time and often
Switches up
Causes and initiatives
After all, his happiness is relative
Dependent on that feel-good emotion
That surges after serving
Though he ventures on trips to
Homeless shelters,
Soup kitchens,
International service journeys,
Unsustainable change
Across vast seas
To distant lands
To help the poor
And more.
Though, I’m not so sure if I want to be like him.

The second, she is a little different
You see, she gives and gives,
Asking nothing in return
And seldom does she yearn
For personal pride,
Nor acknowledgement.
Rather, she would rather not see the suffering of another
And continuously gives
Though, she does not seek world peace,
Nor the end of slums and shantytowns,
the disintegration of discrimination,
the cure for cancer,
the eradication of HIV/AIDS,
the collapse of corruption,
the submission of the 1%.
No matter how small or large a scale
In fact she seeks no reward at all,
Rather, she wants to change your life.
Just one life.

Someday, I want to be like her.

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Day 219 – Gratitude

If there is something to be thankful for,
It is not the 800-thread count sheets
(that cradles you in your sleep)
Nor the carefully-crafted capitalist mindset
(that has been slipped into your morning cereal)
Nor the overly salted and spiced reality television shows
(that showcases insecurities)
Nor the countless stamps of approval
(on all that you stream on sticky webs)
Nor the saturated fats
(that plague and clog individuality)
Nor the bites of ignorance
(that is spoon-fed by yellow journalists)
If there is something to be thankful for,
Be it your ability to read,
Be it the courage to step away from tradition,
Be it the strength to fight hopeless battles,
Be it the sensitivity to listen,
And the compassion to understand.