the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 310 – Confession #1: Surrender

To surrender is to:
Breathe in the unforgivable toxins that assault your most precious lungs

Yes, you know the danger that awaits you and you continue to welcome it

You inhale the negative possibilities,
The indiscriminate liabilities,
The physically-impairing invalidities

Allowing them to consume you

But presume that you, for a second,
Stopped this? Well, maybe not this
But, in time? And with time?

Perhaps you’ll learn to not surrender so easily
Reconsider your strengths and rid of failed attempts
For failure is just a mistake in disguise
Ready for transformation into realizations of new visions

See, each incision
With mistakes you carve into you the most unique scars
That toughen your skin, make you stronger within.

So if today you must surrender to the whims of defeat
Know that your damaged lungs and scars do not stop you from moving.
You have feet left to follow,
And mistakes left to make.

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Day 309 – Rediscoveries

While you’ve been away, I think I’ve found courage
See, I’ve been trying to make sense of it.
I thought I had lost it in the darkness of lonely nights.
For a second I thought I never knew it.

Can you believe it?
I thought that I had simply lost it alongside my disappearing pairs of socks.
Like I had misplaced it among a mass of haystacks
As if I had simply laid it down while I finished another chore or two

Well, after some contemplative nights of
Wading through puddles of tears
Pillows damped by such rainfall
I arose

I lifted my falling eyelids,
Propped them up as best as I could and, boy, did I see the light

Can you believe it?
That I saw courage once more?
I found it in the footsteps that I was to take.
In the chess moves that I was to make.
In the pound and throb of my heartache.

I found courage when others would have surrendered,
But I know better than to give up.

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Day 238 – Make Your Move

What do you want?
Is this what you want?
To be contemplative and redundant?
To sit idle and non-expressive?
No, it is time to stop.
You must want you want should want.
Don’t you want to be invigorated with energy?
Don’t you want leave prints that are
Big enough to remain unfilled.
Don’t you wish for the glory and riches?
Glory in your honor.
Riches of your soul.
Don’t you hope for the pain to subside?
Please, confide.
In me.
In him.
In her.
In anyone.
Do not wait,
For it will leave you without hopes.
Please, release the tears that you have
Bottled up for years.
They serve no purpose on the shelf,
For collecting dust is nothing but
Stop waiting for something to change.
I urge you.
For out there, someone is waiting for you,
To change them,
And aid them.
For they hold you to your will.
So stop sitting still.

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Day 234 – Confidence in Appearance

Not too long ago,
I was told that appearance
Built confidence.
And while I do not condone
I’m sure there is truth in this sentiment.
See, if you look good, you’ll perform well.
How can I tell?
Well, let’s take a look, a good hard look.
When you take pride
And carry yourself with dignity.
With class.
With clarity.
It’s easier to make those impressions last.
When you take note of your smile
And speak with your eyes.
With your laugh.
With your hands.
Your positivity will fill the other half of the glass.
When you remember your posture
And dance with an upright gaze
With a healing past
With a tender heart
You’ll reach your wisdom at last.
For this alternate route
May be unorthodox
But the shared advice is truthful
And never fictional.

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Day 233 – Free

nearing the end feels like the beginning
and spinning in circles feels like a dream
and the seam that unravels upon my sight
in the night that is purely covered
no, discovered in a blanket of lights
and my rights, they are reclaimed
wild beasts tamed, and chains loose
avoid the excuse, shall we recenter
now enter, into a land never bleak
is this what I seek?

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Day 210 – Surfboard

And I know I’ve complained,
About life hitting in waves,
And crashing,
Barreling overhead.
Critically enveloping me.
But I am blessed to be reminded:
Though vast,
The ocean of life does not stand still for too long.
For I am a surfer,
Just waiting to catch my big wave;
Until then I shall stay ready,
And enjoy the sweet crests on the surface.

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Day 203 – Future Career

Certainly this uncertainty
is serving me,
through jealously –
it takes stabs at me,
most curiously
possibly just to
watch me breathe –
and yes, okay
I fear the unknown,
I sigh in tears
and release a moan
of sorrow, simple
pain – so alone,
my trembling voice
cannot condone.
Yes, the unseen
is something to fear,
for it is unwritten
and never clear.
So my moves?
I’ll make them sincere –
and the wheel is mine,
so I’ll go on and steer.