the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 313 – Confession #4: Be Open

To be open is to:
Paint your soul in the colorless blends of ever-changing ribbons of light
Guide ruthless demands into sorrows of submission,
While you shuffle into rooms devoid of utter silence and violence

Yes, to be open is to allow for the most viscous lava to flow into treasured places
Where treasure is replaced by the scalding unknown
Where you give in to the abilities of higher powers

Welcome the most unexpected visitors

Allow for chance to balance on the tip of the scale
Spin the sphere on the tip of your nail

Leave it to the improbabilities and incivilities
To decide fates that have been written in indistinguishable ink

So if today is the day to be open,
I hope each day is as bright as the suns that awake the night sky
For you must always be open to life

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Day 310 – Confession #1: Surrender

To surrender is to:
Breathe in the unforgivable toxins that assault your most precious lungs

Yes, you know the danger that awaits you and you continue to welcome it

You inhale the negative possibilities,
The indiscriminate liabilities,
The physically-impairing invalidities

Allowing them to consume you

But presume that you, for a second,
Stopped this? Well, maybe not this
But, in time? And with time?

Perhaps you’ll learn to not surrender so easily
Reconsider your strengths and rid of failed attempts
For failure is just a mistake in disguise
Ready for transformation into realizations of new visions

See, each incision
With mistakes you carve into you the most unique scars
That toughen your skin, make you stronger within.

So if today you must surrender to the whims of defeat
Know that your damaged lungs and scars do not stop you from moving.
You have feet left to follow,
And mistakes left to make.

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Day 234 – Confidence in Appearance

Not too long ago,
I was told that appearance
Built confidence.
And while I do not condone
I’m sure there is truth in this sentiment.
See, if you look good, you’ll perform well.
How can I tell?
Well, let’s take a look, a good hard look.
When you take pride
And carry yourself with dignity.
With class.
With clarity.
It’s easier to make those impressions last.
When you take note of your smile
And speak with your eyes.
With your laugh.
With your hands.
Your positivity will fill the other half of the glass.
When you remember your posture
And dance with an upright gaze
With a healing past
With a tender heart
You’ll reach your wisdom at last.
For this alternate route
May be unorthodox
But the shared advice is truthful
And never fictional.

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Day 229 – Strain

Delve deep into madness,
Cure discomfort and sadness.
Use your devices,
To ward off your vices.
For downturns and degree burns
Have left leaflets of scars.
You must read through them,
Looking through the glass jars.
What use is all of this?
Committing words to your mind?
Until even the darkness
Is blinded from the light?
Though tracing footsteps and angles
Remains bitter and bland.
It is written that you are
To face the challenge at hand.

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Day 225 – Be Mindful

“In every moment countless joys bloom, but too often we take them for granted… remaining concentrated and mindful in the here and now, opens our eyes to these wonders, brings us happiness, and in itself relieves much of our daily suffering.” –Matthew Bortolin, ‘The Jedi Art of Mindfulness and Concentration’ from The Dharma of Star Wars

Some of the greatest things in this life

Are something you cannot hold

Intangible, not delicate

Not something that can be sold

And while life takes us through tumbles

And on roads we do not expect

We must take pride in all we have

And earn our self-respect

For life? It will shake us,

Drag us in misery without consent;

But I’m told there is a purpose

And Purpose’s time is well-spent

So we must willingly abide

And welcome challenges with eager spirit

For if we choose to endure life

We cannot afford to fear it

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Day 116 – Fair Warning

Today, I remain unscathed
Though scars may tell you otherwise
And I’ll wear my own stern look
Though my stomach is tickled by butterflies

And I’ll hold in each gasp of air
Even if I’m above the surface
And if I’ve misplaced my composure
I’ll pretend I still own my purpose

For If I am held hostage
And weakened at the knees
I shall slyly use my finesse
And my enemy I shall appease

I cannot foresee my foe’s actions
But I can surely prepare
For beside my soul, the sign does read:
I’ll break your heart, beware