the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 309 – Rediscoveries

While you’ve been away, I think I’ve found courage
See, I’ve been trying to make sense of it.
I thought I had lost it in the darkness of lonely nights.
For a second I thought I never knew it.

Can you believe it?
I thought that I had simply lost it alongside my disappearing pairs of socks.
Like I had misplaced it among a mass of haystacks
As if I had simply laid it down while I finished another chore or two

Well, after some contemplative nights of
Wading through puddles of tears
Pillows damped by such rainfall
I arose

I lifted my falling eyelids,
Propped them up as best as I could and, boy, did I see the light

Can you believe it?
That I saw courage once more?
I found it in the footsteps that I was to take.
In the chess moves that I was to make.
In the pound and throb of my heartache.

I found courage when others would have surrendered,
But I know better than to give up.

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Day 304 – Trust Your Voice

I tell you, brother, I’m giving you the words that I write
Take the ink from my pens, they bleed as dark as night
With conviction, not contradiction, spin words out of control
Leave some scratches on the record, for the record’s got some soul
Soulful sounds echo lightly, sending vibrations down the spine
I’m sayin’, just trust yourself, and it’ll work out every time
Spring forward, don’t fall back; step up against the clock
Allow the rhymes to be the actions, and the power when you talk

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Day 246 – Stop Searching, Just Go

To search the mind is a dangerous thing.
Often we choose to organize our thoughts into neatly tied packages.
Or we leave them astray, tossed in an untidy sprawl of confusion.
But our downfall is not from the action of searching.
Our demise comes from that which we dwell on.
Single out one thought, and another cycle of fear is created.

What if I get hurt?
What if I lose against Love?
What if I am not accepted?
What if I am not recognized?
What if I fail?

Too many what-ifs – Too many questions.
And from these fears, we are introduced to a discoloration of life.
And we are starved from our potential.
Too many questions of what might not happen,
As opposed to welcoming what could happen.

Ah, tonight let it be heard.
Let it be sung on high,
And let it enter your mind yet again:
Harness your thoughts, and be only an acquaintance with them.
Introduce yourself, then let them pass.
Let them live on, but not stay hostage in your mind.
And once you learn to let them enter and depart with the movement of time,
And acknowledgement,
You will learn.

You will get hurt, but you will heal.
You will lose against Love, but she will always hold you close.
You will be rejected, but you will accept more beautiful offers.
You will be overlooked, but you will shine with humility.
You will fail, but you will learn of a new answer.

And that new answer will carry you home.

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Day 238 – Make Your Move

What do you want?
Is this what you want?
To be contemplative and redundant?
To sit idle and non-expressive?
No, it is time to stop.
You must want you want should want.
Don’t you want to be invigorated with energy?
Don’t you want leave prints that are
Big enough to remain unfilled.
Don’t you wish for the glory and riches?
Glory in your honor.
Riches of your soul.
Don’t you hope for the pain to subside?
Please, confide.
In me.
In him.
In her.
In anyone.
Do not wait,
For it will leave you without hopes.
Please, release the tears that you have
Bottled up for years.
They serve no purpose on the shelf,
For collecting dust is nothing but
Stop waiting for something to change.
I urge you.
For out there, someone is waiting for you,
To change them,
And aid them.
For they hold you to your will.
So stop sitting still.

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Day 234 – Confidence in Appearance

Not too long ago,
I was told that appearance
Built confidence.
And while I do not condone
I’m sure there is truth in this sentiment.
See, if you look good, you’ll perform well.
How can I tell?
Well, let’s take a look, a good hard look.
When you take pride
And carry yourself with dignity.
With class.
With clarity.
It’s easier to make those impressions last.
When you take note of your smile
And speak with your eyes.
With your laugh.
With your hands.
Your positivity will fill the other half of the glass.
When you remember your posture
And dance with an upright gaze
With a healing past
With a tender heart
You’ll reach your wisdom at last.
For this alternate route
May be unorthodox
But the shared advice is truthful
And never fictional.

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Day 231 – Post Script

Ah, follow the tracks!
They’ve been laid out.
Trudge along the barren land.
Ignore impatience and doubt.
Yes, go forth!
With the answers at hand.
Review your direction,
It’s mapped out and planned.
It’s out there, just feel it.
Your purpose, your truth.
Seek it, discover it!
You soul-searching sleuth.
Follow no one but you.
Your heart you’ll obey.
Toss out your judgment.
(P.S. forgive my cliche).

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Day 225 – Be Mindful

“In every moment countless joys bloom, but too often we take them for granted… remaining concentrated and mindful in the here and now, opens our eyes to these wonders, brings us happiness, and in itself relieves much of our daily suffering.” –Matthew Bortolin, ‘The Jedi Art of Mindfulness and Concentration’ from The Dharma of Star Wars

Some of the greatest things in this life

Are something you cannot hold

Intangible, not delicate

Not something that can be sold

And while life takes us through tumbles

And on roads we do not expect

We must take pride in all we have

And earn our self-respect

For life? It will shake us,

Drag us in misery without consent;

But I’m told there is a purpose

And Purpose’s time is well-spent

So we must willingly abide

And welcome challenges with eager spirit

For if we choose to endure life

We cannot afford to fear it