the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 311 – Confession #2: Remedy Struggle

To remedy struggle is to:
Hold fellow victims in the tightest embrace for fear of losing them
To grasp so tightly the strings connected to balloons wanting to escape
To claw at the terror that taunts you from the other side of the bars

You like it, but despise it

Solving problems that so conveniently find solace in your lap
You live to serve and serve you must
For the value of your valor resides in your trust

You cannot help it

You intend to make better the plains of despair
To replant the land with crops of equality
Where the fruitless become fruitful

You hope to replenish the waterways of yesterday
That have since been drained by greed and hatred

But you cannot help yourself either

While you toil in the sand-filled soils and tempestuous seas
The roaring wind becomes nothing but a whisper to you

The most evident actions remain in the shadows of your overwhelmed heart

So if today seems a brighter day for you to
Plant more hopeful gardens
And pour a more generous river

You must also know when to accept others’ help,
For it takes much more than just your love
To be a giver

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Day 304 – Trust Your Voice

I tell you, brother, I’m giving you the words that I write
Take the ink from my pens, they bleed as dark as night
With conviction, not contradiction, spin words out of control
Leave some scratches on the record, for the record’s got some soul
Soulful sounds echo lightly, sending vibrations down the spine
I’m sayin’, just trust yourself, and it’ll work out every time
Spring forward, don’t fall back; step up against the clock
Allow the rhymes to be the actions, and the power when you talk

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Day 250 – A Blessing

Hush now, for there is no need to fear
Nor struggle in desperation

See, you were born into this world with the purpose to save
And you have already accomplished just that

Just as my once weak arms rediscover their strength
So I may cradle you and hold you close to my heart

You find comfort in my warmth
And I find solace in your tender gaze

Of beautiful gray skies with hints of blue
And eagerness to know the world

So when you need me to, I shall take you by the hand
And bring you wherever your heart desires

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Day 241 – Taste the Champagne

When life kick-starts your senses,
You can already begin to quench
The thirst of an artiste:
Perceptive to each
Minute speck of color
Blues, reds, yellows, whites
As dharmas are the basis of our souls
Of our spirit

And we are given
High expectations
That we are capable
And most welcome to
Drink in the treasures
Now revealed to us
After many cycles of life have
Gone by.

The most perfectly
Unplanned plan
Of crafted spontaneity
Bottled up,
Under pressure
Until released
At the most fitting moment

So when the carbonation
Explodes into the air
It gives out a shout,
And fizzes in excitement;
And overflowing
With contentment,
Just as happiness should happen.

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Day 239 – Arrival

I searched through towers
Stacked high above the ground
Hesitant piles, ready to fall
And lose balance

I drove miles through exhaust
Billowing from metal machines
On miles of pavement, waiting to trip me
With rugged potholes

I impatiently contemplated
On seemingly plush and comfortable
Cushions and curves, swallowing me
Into the coldness of its clutches

I anxiously chased thoughts
And reality at late hours
Disturbed by inhibition, pressuring me
To give up and give in

But I received compassion
Without my own action
It arrived so unexpected, grinning at me
With faith and affirmation

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Day 237 – Healing

Young one, I sense your fear in your eyes.
But if this is the route you choose,
I support you.
I cannot guarantee you will not feel the side effects,
Nor will you be void of any risk, but…
I support you.
Young one, I know you are pressured into this seat.
So, I will not question your motives.
But know, that there are consequences.
Like an altered state of mind,
Or different emotions creeping out of passageways,
Or new ways to react to your change.
Perhaps you’ll lash out in anguish.
Or collapse in agony.
Or rejoice in ecstasy.
Or laugh in serenity.
But I assure you, I cannot assure you of any of these.
I assure you that I cannot promise you will not experience these.
I apologize if I’m a little inconvenient.
And the side effects may not be what you desire.
But you desire to follow through with your decision.
You desire an outcome more fruitful than before.
You want to avoid scars,
But I cannot promise there will be no blade.
You want to prevent heartache,
But I cannot stop yours from breaking.
You want to enjoy the bounty of relief,
But I cannot hold up the burden.
You want to change the stars,
But I cannot stop them from blinding you.
If you have chosen this path,
Please know that you cannot go back.
You’ll have to adapt, despite the cost.
Young one, I support you. Just do not get lost.

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Day 235 – Three Rules of the Sea

You say you want to traverse through the sea?
Explored the unknown?
And be more like me?
Well all I know is what I don’t want.
But I know what to do:
Here, take these colors,
One for the waves’ shades of blue:
The first is to give.
To give all that you can.
Crash onto the hopeless,
Until shells turn to sand.
The second is to love.
To love the meaning of life.
Take on the waves,
That cut like a knife.
The third is to be happy.
Rejoice in the surf.
Claim ultimate peace
For this is your turf.