the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 313 – Confession #4: Be Open

To be open is to:
Paint your soul in the colorless blends of ever-changing ribbons of light
Guide ruthless demands into sorrows of submission,
While you shuffle into rooms devoid of utter silence and violence

Yes, to be open is to allow for the most viscous lava to flow into treasured places
Where treasure is replaced by the scalding unknown
Where you give in to the abilities of higher powers

Welcome the most unexpected visitors

Allow for chance to balance on the tip of the scale
Spin the sphere on the tip of your nail

Leave it to the improbabilities and incivilities
To decide fates that have been written in indistinguishable ink

So if today is the day to be open,
I hope each day is as bright as the suns that awake the night sky
For you must always be open to life

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Day 238 – Make Your Move

What do you want?
Is this what you want?
To be contemplative and redundant?
To sit idle and non-expressive?
No, it is time to stop.
You must want you want should want.
Don’t you want to be invigorated with energy?
Don’t you want leave prints that are
Big enough to remain unfilled.
Don’t you wish for the glory and riches?
Glory in your honor.
Riches of your soul.
Don’t you hope for the pain to subside?
Please, confide.
In me.
In him.
In her.
In anyone.
Do not wait,
For it will leave you without hopes.
Please, release the tears that you have
Bottled up for years.
They serve no purpose on the shelf,
For collecting dust is nothing but
Stop waiting for something to change.
I urge you.
For out there, someone is waiting for you,
To change them,
And aid them.
For they hold you to your will.
So stop sitting still.

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Day 231 – Post Script

Ah, follow the tracks!
They’ve been laid out.
Trudge along the barren land.
Ignore impatience and doubt.
Yes, go forth!
With the answers at hand.
Review your direction,
It’s mapped out and planned.
It’s out there, just feel it.
Your purpose, your truth.
Seek it, discover it!
You soul-searching sleuth.
Follow no one but you.
Your heart you’ll obey.
Toss out your judgment.
(P.S. forgive my cliche).

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Day 210 – Surfboard

And I know I’ve complained,
About life hitting in waves,
And crashing,
Barreling overhead.
Critically enveloping me.
But I am blessed to be reminded:
Though vast,
The ocean of life does not stand still for too long.
For I am a surfer,
Just waiting to catch my big wave;
Until then I shall stay ready,
And enjoy the sweet crests on the surface.

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Day 126 – Trust

Breathe deep, my friend
You feel the air on your lips
Let the energy move
Through ya hands and fingertips

Let it fill you up
Take you higher than before
Send away the fuckin’ haters
Point them to the exit door

Let insanity erupt
But watch the lava flow
Let viscosity guide you
And ignite what you know

Leave drama for the stage
Just act out your role
Be active, never passive
And fill that empty hole

But whatever you do
Do not dwell, never regret
Euphoria is comin’
You just can’t see it yet

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Day 125 – Put Together

You remain intense – you’re still irate

Hunger you must satiate

Thus, you cannot appreciate

The joy that I anticipate

Pieces – you cannot consolidate

This stress does not depreciate

I am what you must mediate

Your heart? Rehabilitate.

Happiness – I’ll facilitate

At peace, we can meditate

In a dream you’ll participate

And the storm above? Dissipate.

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Day 124 – Remedy

To restrain yourself would be to constrain yourself

And keeping it in is bad for your health

So just hold out your hand, take this handful of sand

It’s salty and sweet – makes life taste much less bland

Let it crumble and melt, take pride in this wealth

And prize the ridiculous cards you’ve been dealt

With risk: your heart’s throbbin’ – more money, more problems

If you’ve got too many dilemmas, don’t worry, I can solve ‘em

‘Cause you’ll be richer this way, so embrace this today

And the gray hairs on your head will simply go away