the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

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Day 283 – A Series of Late Night Haikus: Lessons of Love

The Ways
If I could sum up
All of the ways to love you
I’d lose track of time

In Return
Your patience is all
That I ask of – so thanks for
Sharing your spare time

In the Present
I see so much of
Your future, it reminds me
Of your priceless past

Never died, instead
I’m certain that he rests for
Long amounts of time

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Day 382 – Savior

Some say they have known angels. They have seen them perform miraculous deeds, or have heard of their healing ways. If this justifies all encounters, then I must say I too have known an angel.

My selfless angel has arrived and departed from my life many a time. But each moment he appears, I am saved.

My angel has assured me that my religion is challenged, for I know not of a single one. Instead I have been taught to embrace faith; each faith is of the loving and welcoming kind, after all.

Often mistaken as a devil, my angel is cunning and is known to pull a prank or two. But he only does so to keep me on my toes. He does so to embarrass me so I may be comfortable in my own skin.

I am most at ease when my angel smiles at my mistakes and misfortune. He does not judge my actions, but ushers them into my life with a clever eye. He points to the strengths and balancing elements that keep me afloat. He prevents me from drowning in my own sadness. He wipes away tears and uses them to cleanse my soul.

My angel challenges me to think. Sometimes to think less; and to just live. If I could just live, and keep breathing without regard for consequence, maybe I would be a little too carefree. But I am grateful for my angel.

Many do not always accept the presence of their angel. But I am too wise to reject the help of my guiding soul. I am most appreciative that someone has loved me enough to send an angel to me. My angel has pledged to stay by my side, to be my life guide, to shelter me in times of the most dangerous elements.

So, if the higher being out there could hear me, please thank the person who sent an angel to me. I would not be able to live as I do now, had it not been for my beautiful angel.

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Day 381 – Giving Table

Why thank you, Table of Plenty
Bountiful – with servings of Hope
Generosity served in bowls upon bowls
Spoonful upon spoonful of: Thanks.
Delicacies piled high with
Unimaginable flavors.
Dear, thank you for blessing me with
Feasts like these, with a table
Surrounded by rarely empty chairs;
For I do love good company
And even better conversation.
Everyone is eager to eat,
But even more eager to toss around
Ideas of “maybe” and “when” and “what if”
To speak eloquently or just to listen to
The tried and true method of storytelling,
Yes it is moments like these
Which keep us bound to our seats for hours
Dancing around thought-provoking subjects
And flirting with questions not easily answered
Though no one is serving us individually,
We happily share and serve each other,
Passing around tales as often as
Another plate is passed around the table.
And when the drink runs quite low,
At least one, if not two, will rise and
Swiftly refill each glass.
Yes it is this Table of Plenty that feeds our minds
And our bellies until we are more
Than satisfied.
We do not continue until we are uncomfortably full,
Rather each is content, and at rest in the mind.
It is rare that this Table ever steers away from its purpose.
Why yes it is always willing to spare a seat for anyone.

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Day 380 – To Be Free

Present to me your colors
Reveal your alliance to me
Send away your qualms
And pay the determined fee
Be the casualty
Stop and submit
Undress from worldly attire
Dive into the open sea
Prove to me your worthiness
And that you need me to breathe
Show me that I fill your day
So I can set you free

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Day 379 – Aches and Strains

one weight lifted, another placed upon shoulders.
little burdens become so extreme
like things that shouldn’t shake you, suddenly
molten lava is thrust upon you
giving you first, second, third, fourth, fifth… degree burns.
burns so deep that your flesh is eviscerated
and your tendons and bones exposed
your insides revealed
and weaknesses left in the open.

ah, the character flaws you hoped would never be seen
are now up for observation.
how cruel is the world that it can demand such
is this even legal, or better yet, moral?

are we being harmed by the forbidden actions
once released from a mythological box?
freedom morphs into fear
and we cannot even function?
after letting such pain manifest
into a larger than life injury
we too forget that we can heal.

like a muscle that is torn apart
following intense physical strain
the pain is only temporary.
if we continue to add movement,
the muscle grows back,
this time: stronger.