the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 390 – Let the End Commence

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I now pronounce you free
Free to decide the life you will lead

No more petty duties, nor deadlines to meet
Instead I ask you to think on your feet.

If your books and studies have chosen more of your time,
I’m sure you’ll make the best of each penny, nickel and dime.

If business and institutions have called you forth,
I hope you never lose yourself nor forget your true worth.

If life has chosen a more bitter course for you,
I hope that you’ll steer towards more oceans of blue.

Today you must realize: there are no safety nets,
So please do not dwell on defeats nor regrets.

There will be no one to tell you what to tackle each day,
With cement, stone, or brick, you have to pave your own way.

For life is uncertain, but it’s certainly true:
You are your own dictionary: you define you.


One thought on “Day 390 – Let the End Commence

  1. Such a beautiful piece to end the journey of undergrad. I hope you’re still writing poetry luv! I will read it. 😀

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