the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 381 – Giving Table

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Why thank you, Table of Plenty
Bountiful – with servings of Hope
Generosity served in bowls upon bowls
Spoonful upon spoonful of: Thanks.
Delicacies piled high with
Unimaginable flavors.
Dear, thank you for blessing me with
Feasts like these, with a table
Surrounded by rarely empty chairs;
For I do love good company
And even better conversation.
Everyone is eager to eat,
But even more eager to toss around
Ideas of “maybe” and “when” and “what if”
To speak eloquently or just to listen to
The tried and true method of storytelling,
Yes it is moments like these
Which keep us bound to our seats for hours
Dancing around thought-provoking subjects
And flirting with questions not easily answered
Though no one is serving us individually,
We happily share and serve each other,
Passing around tales as often as
Another plate is passed around the table.
And when the drink runs quite low,
At least one, if not two, will rise and
Swiftly refill each glass.
Yes it is this Table of Plenty that feeds our minds
And our bellies until we are more
Than satisfied.
We do not continue until we are uncomfortably full,
Rather each is content, and at rest in the mind.
It is rare that this Table ever steers away from its purpose.
Why yes it is always willing to spare a seat for anyone.


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