the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 379 – Aches and Strains

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one weight lifted, another placed upon shoulders.
little burdens become so extreme
like things that shouldn’t shake you, suddenly
molten lava is thrust upon you
giving you first, second, third, fourth, fifth… degree burns.
burns so deep that your flesh is eviscerated
and your tendons and bones exposed
your insides revealed
and weaknesses left in the open.

ah, the character flaws you hoped would never be seen
are now up for observation.
how cruel is the world that it can demand such
is this even legal, or better yet, moral?

are we being harmed by the forbidden actions
once released from a mythological box?
freedom morphs into fear
and we cannot even function?
after letting such pain manifest
into a larger than life injury
we too forget that we can heal.

like a muscle that is torn apart
following intense physical strain
the pain is only temporary.
if we continue to add movement,
the muscle grows back,
this time: stronger.


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