the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 353 – Youth is My Friend

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Youth has a way of
Staining my jeans and all of the seams
She clings to our very skin regardless of how many years we have on our belt
She forces us to dance in delight without the need for music
Youth does silly things
One time, Youth taught me how to knit
Youth showed me how to sow seeds and garden them with compost
Youth opened the doors to more delicate cuisine
Youth challenged me to speak on stage and read my very own words
Sometimes, Youth would let me follow in others’ footsteps
Before redirecting me down other roads
Youth knows its way around the block,
She can tell me the shortcuts and secret passageways
She is obedient but lively, and she rarely fails me
Over the years, I tried to get rid of her by distracting her
But she found her way back to me despite my petty attempts to distract her
Youth never let me grow up
But she did let me mature here and there

These days, she is quite mature herself
She gives me energy to keep up with those still at maximum Youth capacity
Youth doesn’t judge me when I want to be careless
She lets me enjoy my banana pancake cravings
And my pleasure for children movies and cartoons
She tells me to dream big and be open to others
And she continues to paint my world with friendship and idealism
Youth may not know all of the answers,
But she does know how to keep me happy while I find them.


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