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Day 339 – How to Make Turon (and Create Success)

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21 plantains, peeled and sliced
8 cans of lanka (jackfruit), drained and sliced
16 packets of lumpia (spring roll) wrapper, thawed and separated
2 boxes of brown sugar
1 large container of oil

Wax paper, cut into rectangles
Chopping boards

1. Hopefully, all of your prep work has been completed. If not, well, get on that.
2. Refer to your assigned schedule of shifts and roles. You should have individuals wrapping, cooking, running, and selling. Making Turon is no simple task.
3. Wrappers should lay out individual sheets of lumpia wrapper in a diagonal fashion.
4. Place sufficiently generous amounts of sliced plantain and jackfruit horizontally. If I had time to make a diagram, I would.
5. Carefully sprinkle brown sugar atop the plantain and jackfruit.
6. Fold bottom flap up, followed by the left and right. Snugly roll the Turon until a triangle remains at the top. Seal with water, as if you’re sealing Lumpia. Or an envelope.
7. Fry to a golden perfection and let cool (but not for too long).
8. Individually package each Turon in wax paper.
9. Gather Turon into an insulated container, and have your Runner deliver the fresh batch to the Seller.
10. Sell at $0.50 a piece. Accompany with other homemade desserts and delights. Examples include Polvoron (crumbly shortbread, make with assorted flavors), Ensaymada (small rolls of brioche), Palitaw (sweet rice and coconut), and Mellon Drink (melon juice). Adjust prices and portions as needed.
11. Entice young college students to taste your delicacies. They’ll want to buy handfuls of these goodies.


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