the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 322 – Caribbean Jack’s

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The winds howled a little louder
It was after hours
We contemplated strutting outdoors, but
What seemed to be gale-force winds knocked us over

Inside, we found a sense of calm
Where calamities were absent
And there we met one of the freest spirits in the country

In his mid to late fifties
Standing at around six-foot-two
A gentleman that has had his share of adventure

He traverses the seas on his boat,
He told us that she’s parked in the marina next to other yachts
Don’t know her name, but she has seen beautiful days
Caressed by the waves of Key West
Chilled by the Chesapeake and Potomac

Facial hair and sun-aged skin
Glasses that look like more modern spectacles, hanging from a string
Baseball cap worn from salt spray
He’s not young, but he lives in his youth

He takes on odd jobs,
Working at hotels and the like
He finds pleasure in local restaurants
And knows the bartenders pretty well

And he bikes to work, a few miles from his boat
His car? In the possession of his girlfriend, he notes.

His girlfriend.

He hasn’t settled down
In fact I don’t think he ever will
And he is at peace.


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