the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 297 – My Second Family

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Take us away to a tropical paradise
Where we shall not worry about the pain of this life
In this world of absolute peace
Where we can dance until the lights fade…

This is the story of the people that saved me.

Years ago, I would lay awake at night
Cursing my decision to stay
And I’d fight away tears as condescending words
Would echo in my ears.
Those were the days of my passiveness
I did not like confrontation,
But I let it slip into my skin,
And pound through my bones.
I was shaken and broken, alone
In quiet nothingness.

Then after a bit of shoving,
I was introduced to a new kind of loving.
Forced to sign my name as if I was releasing my soul.
But later learned I would be welcomed into new arms.

And the same time each year, we’d gather.
Joining hands, linking arms,
We’d learn to love together.
We’d put in endless effort,
And our movements would become one.

We gained a new perspective on culture.
On respect.
And by respecting my roots, we formed new ones.
New roots of binding courage.
And faith in one another.
Trusting sister and brother.
We became more than friends,
And spent hours beside each other.
Singing, dancing,
Gallivanting and romancing.
We became more than those
Paper cut-outs of little children dangling along the ceiling.
No, we became a band of brothers (and sisters)
And we grasped each other for support.

We’d traverse through a universe
Of laughter and tears
And through all these years,
They’ve taught me that I am stronger.
With them by my side I am stronger.

They became my family, my own little family.
And I tucked them into the safest place in my heart.

So even though each year has passed,
And I am only left with the memories,
I have built them into the foundation of me,
For they hold me together,
And lift me to new heights
‘Cause now I can see.


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