the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 277 – Ugly and Beautiful Soul

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With comfort, and openness,
I’ve driven my own soul into a more prosperous place;
Removed it from its safe shelf
For a closer look
With my soul in my palm,
I see it’s cracks and crevices,
Flaws and blemishes.
Yet soft, warm rays reveal
Specs of gold,
Shimmer of pearl.

Both the ugly and beautiful
Hold hands with each other.
They weave, as though being chased by
Screaming rioters,
And they dance, as though celebrating the reunion of
Two star-crossed lovers.
I turn my soul on it’s side,
And see the lines of aging,
Streaks of strength,
Jagged edges with smudges.

My soul tells me of faraway lands,
Journeys made by hand,
And treks that circle the planets twice.
Two times, the moon rises,
And peers into my soul,
Filling in each crack, each hole.
While starlight reflects off of it,
And it glows.
And in a transfixed fashion,
I rise to my feet with caution,
But in awe,
For I’ve never seen
A more content soul.


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