the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 275 – Making Sense

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As if someone chose to lift my spirits today
Carrying quite a load without complaint
So I may soar across the sky
Effortlessly I emerge into a once turbulent arena
Now overflowing with tranquility

As if I have ventured to the ends of the earth
On a vessel crafted of the finest courage
Loaded with cargo of gun powder and rum
To fight impending battles and chase away strife
For it runs rampant along these waters

As if I have been rejoiced out of a miracle
Born of a symphony of sweet fragrance and flavors
Clinging to the edge of my basket of indulgences
I see others singing a chorus of bliss
And I flip through my collected works of life

As if I have been removed from the chambers of
Heartache that rotted through the top layer
Instead, I now see painted valleys
With streams of infinite pleasure
Poised with good company and memories


One thought on “Day 275 – Making Sense

  1. This made me feel really good. Way to spread the love!

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