the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 272 – Love/Hate

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No, I was not looking for love. No, you don’t go looking for love, honey.
Because if you value the finer things in life, you know this to be true.
You don’t go searching for love. Because love will find you.
I was not looking for love, in fact I did not trust myself to ever give in.
I hated love. For being so heartless. And how can that be?
When love is known for it’s kindness, I knew a more dangerous side.
The past? Well mine is tainted by brief blemishes of cruel love.
The kind of love that I didn’t know well enough to pursue.
And the kind of love that blinded me from accepting it.
Too many staggering victims of love by my own hands,
Myself included. I still hate love. Until I stopped.

And when I stopped, I had to begin once more.
I unwillingly unhinged my sealed eyelids.
And I learned.
I began to believe again.

Love, it comes with Hate. Both are inverses of another.
One on it’s own is like a twin without it’s brother.
They cannot exist on their own, they rely on both ends.
They seem like enemies, but I tell you, they’re friends.
And it took me years to see this. To feel real love,
You must know truly know hate. Inside and out.
Outside and in. For if you know the passion of one of them,
Well you already know the other.


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