the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 241 – Taste the Champagne

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When life kick-starts your senses,
You can already begin to quench
The thirst of an artiste:
Perceptive to each
Minute speck of color
Blues, reds, yellows, whites
As dharmas are the basis of our souls
Of our spirit

And we are given
High expectations
That we are capable
And most welcome to
Drink in the treasures
Now revealed to us
After many cycles of life have
Gone by.

The most perfectly
Unplanned plan
Of crafted spontaneity
Bottled up,
Under pressure
Until released
At the most fitting moment

So when the carbonation
Explodes into the air
It gives out a shout,
And fizzes in excitement;
And overflowing
With contentment,
Just as happiness should happen.


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