the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 220 – I’ll Cover You

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It seems only yesterday
That I was more than excited to meet you
To greet you
Hold you in my arms
And as the days passed,
Stretch out my arms
So I could squeeze your hands in mine
And just as the morning glory misses the sun
And the hungry breeze licks at the waves
Perhaps temporary pain is all this is
Or is it?

Am I too contemplative to think
That our lives have passed in the blink
Of an eye, a saddened eye
One who has wept the same tears you have
When you were hurting most

To see you stand on your own two feet
Without me to defend you
With my rugged shield,
Heavy with guilt
But light, like the promise of tomorrow
It is a sight that I have yet to befriend

Though, worry not,
As we share troubles that were once
As simple as learning to grow an apple tree
Or how to mend scraped hands and knees
Or how to share friends though age told us not to
Just know that as you continue to grow
I’ll be there for you.


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