the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 216 – A Toast

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If there’s a dream out there
She will deliver
She surrenders her heart
For she is a giver
She paints the skies
She sculpts the mind
A magical land
She has designed
It’s filled with smooth moves
And balance and poise
And did I mention her voice
Can get all the boys?
She’s passionate too
Voluptuous indeed
She’s a hooker, in fact,
She’s all that you need
And she’s great in the kitchen
Chef extraordinaire
Sometimes inches, sometimes feet
She’s got beautiful hair
She craves adventure
I’ll try not to boast
From Saipan to Cali,
Cape Town, Konkan Coast
And let’s not forget
She’s a Philippine Queen
A goddess of sincerity
And everything in between
She’s sage, beyond her years,
She’s really not young
A toast for my sister,
‘Cause tonight – she’s twenty-one.

Happy Birthday, Stacy Lewis!


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