the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 212 – To Do

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Scheduled, recorded,
One after the other.
And though you managed to
Rest up for a little bit
May I remind you that
From twelve to two, you’re scheduled to work and catch up and eat your lunch.
And two to five, sit through both classes, ten minutes to speed walk, look alive,
And five to six, run back in the rain and get familiarized and “trained”.
And six, head spinning for an hour or so, Where were we supposed to meet, where to go?
So until seven thirty five, let’s chat, oh wait didn’t know we’d be talking about that.
And seven thirty five to eight forty five, let’s squeeze in a meal; “You kids are crazy…” he tells me.
And a few minutes time, I’ll walk back to warmth, perhaps reread some mail,
And a nice Congratulations has made itself comfortable in your inbox,
And finally ten to eleven comes around, and it’s time to put on that bright smile you’ve found.
And eleven thirty and it’s time to breathe.
No wonder you fall into the deepest sleep.


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