the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 208 – The Great List of Escapes

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Usually, I hate listing things, but I remember how we created this list of our dreams. And our dreams, beautiful but incomplete. Simple and concise. Irreversible, though easy to erase. I’ve chosen to melt them into my hands. Take them as I move and rearrange my plans.

Forgive me, I may have completed some on my own. Or in the company of others – without you. Not alone, but in the presence of other vivacious souls. Only two, but still.

But don’t you remember, through the turbulent days of past Septembers. And Novembers. And winters. Springs and melted ice. Blooming petals and photosynthesizing vines. We’ve got these under our belt so no need to forget, we’ve completed five together.

And still, we have a handful left. Five left on this list, and less time remains. I wish for the sands to slow down, and stay suspended for a while.


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