the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 178 – Mano, Po

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I’ve arrived at the crossroads
Where the brave and cowardly go

And I push my hair back
Roll up my sleeves
I shall enlighten you with a letter
Lend me a minute
Should you please?

‘Cause now,
One letter rest in my hands:
And I’ll read it right here,
Right where I stand:

First Letter:

Dear silent little child,

I now pronounce you: Asian
Don’t care if you think you’ve been caged in

Don’t care that you’ve got
Warm, chocolate brown skin
Or that you’ve been
Molded into your forms of
Rice cookers and dessert tins

Nevermind the fact that
You’re actually from the Philippines
You’re just another Asian
You feelin’ me?

Nevermind the fact that your family
Speaks with different tongues,
And dialects

Or that you respect each side of the opposite sex
Mano, Po to your lolos and lolas
Opo to the titos and titas

Stop being so submissive
Speak up
Grow up
For you blend into the different shades of Asian
You see what I’m sayin’?


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