the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 163 – Bold Promises


My, if I could have this power each day?
I’d push the mountains of misery away
I’d eradicate the endless piles of pollution
To every dilemma I’d find the solution
With this potion, I’d fix the brokenhearted
With emotion, I’d recharge the discarded
I would un-dream the nightmares plaguing our souls
And with putty of hope I’d plug up the holes
I think I’d be good at changing perspective
Like a lioness with her cubs, I’d be damn protective
And though I don’t know the answers to this life
They are waiting to be discovered in a wasteland of strife
The future calls me forth, I must be ready to depart
I told myself I’d be bold today… so I’m going to start


3 thoughts on “Day 163 – Bold Promises

  1. much respect Ryann. This is deep.-rina

  2. Catalyst leader of change that you are! 🙂

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