the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 156 – Decaf, Please

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How would you like a nice steamin’ cup?
Freshly brewed?
Here: it’s on the house
I’ll give it to you

Yes it is free,
I don’t expect anything back
Nothing at all, really, it’s all free of charge
Forget the tall and the venti
You want grande-sized? Large?

I’ll pour you a mug
Or a resilient paper cup
Though it may burn you,
It can warm your heart up

‘Cause not too long ago
I was fortunate too
Someone showed courageous intentions
So this morning? This evening?
I’ll pass it to you

It’s a million times more marvelous
When you drink it yourself
And I shall gladly assure that
You’ll be pleased by its wealth

It’s uplifting, empowering
To know this could be yours in just a day
So how about a soothing beverage
From this Gratitude Café?


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