the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 155 – Worth Every Cent

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It all falls down, but it falls into place
So we can all start washing the tears from each face
Wipe your brow now, and keep that head high
In fact I want you to look to the sky
See your dreams in the clouds? Impossible? No.
In fact, I command you to chase them, now go.
Push forward stubbornly, hell, scream it out loud
I won’t care if you stumble, ‘cause baby I’m proud
I’ve got faith in you, so I want you to feel it
‘Cause it was worth every cent, no one had to steal it
For you’ve earned this pedestal, go on – take a seat
I’ll respect you forever; you stood up to Defeat
And you embraced Hate, despite his attack
Look at you now, the real you is back
You’re beautiful, I tell ya, odds are in your favor
It’s this taste of fulfillment that I want you to savor


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