the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 151 – Another Perilous Fight

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Beautiful America:
Have we been reduced to this?
Nonsense without consequence,
Black X’s on our wrists?

Scoreboards and turkey leg stands
Hot dogs on flaming grills
Sticky, cotton candied hands
Cheap alcohol and sloppy spills

Beautiful America:
Are you really beautiful after all?
The news tells me all that’s wrong in this world
But test scores say I will trip after I fall

My education is faltering
My IQ cannot compare
Hey China, Japan, Korea,
What are you teaching them over there?

Beautiful America:
Have we become the trashiest elite?
Our roads are populated by cookouts
Whilst other populations riot in the street

And young ones become not so young
In the presence of loaded guns
And in the shadows of constant terror
Is where they too raise daughters and sons

Beautiful America:
Don’t tell me that I don’t understand
Bet it’s dishonorable to reconcile
That you paved a not-so promised land


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