the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 149 – Allow Me

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To be fair, I am completely aware.
I’ve noticed the scars that have healed too quickly.
I find them, like scrapes from an unwanted visitor.
Or like the spider that hides in my non-functioning fireplace.
They are constant and stagnant.
Burning from within,
Though of course, I’d love to erase them.
And replace them.
With cool, soothing aloe from the plant in the window sill.
Next to it:
The vines of the quickly growing plant intrudes into others’ space.
And they’re suffocated.
And like an innocent victim, I too am suffocated.
I feel the abrasive fingers wrapping around my throat, closing my airways.
And the blood tries to rush to my heart, but instead if surges to my brain.
And my mind goes wild, unable to balance the flow.
And back to that window?
Where I see the gentle sunlight in the distance,
I reach for it, in an attempt to grasp it.
Or at least let it perch in the palm of my hand.
Yet it flutters away, like an innocent insect.
Onward, it moves, leave me to brood. Alone.
I stare out the window,
Watching the glitters in the water call me forward.
Watching the birds feast on the young melons in the grass.
Watching the squirrels dance on the edge of that old wooden fence.
I hope for a moment of inner peace.
I dream for the day that I’ll be released.


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