the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 147 – A Few Simple Mantras

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A few things I’ve collected
And I’m tellin’ em to you
Don’t care if you don’t want ‘em
Don’t care if you do
Read them if you choose
Ignore if you must
But don’t wait for the change
Or your future will rust

Number one:
Do not, I repeat, do not:
Assume that your dreams will be served on a platter
Take that silver spoon out of your mouth
What? What’s the matter?
Don’t like the taste
Of bitter abruptness?
Never said I wouldn’t be
Brutal, relentless

Number two:
You were given a purpose
A potential, pursue it
Feel free to search it
Discover it, do it
Attain reason and passion
Be great and strive more
Do what you love
That’s what you’re alive for

Number three:
You are your motto
Listen to your words
Rise up when you’ve fallen
Take off with the birds
For you have the wings
They will carry you away
Just watch yourself now
You won’t get a replay


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