the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 143 – Not If, But When

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Granules move to fit each imprint
And sticky foam: frothy at the edge
Cool water licks at your toes
Inviting you in
Come in

In the distance
You see them
Courageously sprinting across the water
Splashing so elegantly
They’re walking
Challenging gravity to a most odd duel
Pressuring you to come forward

Should you gather your inner self?
Set sail for the horizon?
If you let your feet propel you
Arms pull you against the current
Maybe you’ll reach their bliss
Nirvana can be better than this
This present state
Where time runs out quickly
You’re running late

Go forth

But wait
Before you could decide
You’ve left despite the rising tide
And for a minute it is easy
Carelessly drifting forward

Soon the seconds become minutes
And time you are wasting getting there
If you were to be successful
This would actually end well
And you hope to feel for the solid ground below
The water becomes darker
It was never clear
The beyond was never certain

Have you doomed yourself for nothingness?
Pain makes its way into your muscles
And settles there
Your mind goes wild
It could get worse
Is it getting worse?
More panic
Decisions? Mistakes sound more accurate

But because you are too stubborn
You really have the guidance you need
You were just too blind to recognize it
So do not forget it
Breathe deep
And you will make it
Breathe deep
And you are there


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