the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 139 – Take Me to the Links

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If I should have a life plan, I wish it’d be unplanned
Unfortunately for me, everything must be laid out to a tee

Drive that Titleist as far as you can
But I can’t
I am not strong enough
No upper body strength
No way to torque, winding up my core
Only to release it, I remain as nothing more

I wanted to be a better golfer
Professionally? Maybe?
Probably not
Does it look like I could ever be?

That could have been me
Working the fairways
Armed with a driver and 3-wood
I could
I should

After driving it a little bit longer
With arms much stronger than before
Those silly little high school scores?
My scorecards were always the prettiest
But the ugliest
I didn’t care

That could have been my life
In another world

I could have been a young Tigress Woods
Of course, without the ruined reputation
But really?
I think just need a vacation


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