the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 138 – Letters: To the Unfaithful One

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I thought we agreed you’d stay true?
Stay true to the laces that never meant to undo?
I see your laces are laced with mistrust
And your metal beams are laden with rust

Dear Madam,
I see that you’re reaching with your jealous fist
Has this new life really gone this amiss?
Must you revert to selfish old ways?
Have you ignited a disastrous phase?

I present to you this warning sign
Don’t pretend I’m unseen, I know you’re not blind
I’ll stand here indefinitely: remind you each day
I’ll just rebuild if you swat these cobwebs away

Don’t you forget it
This page is has not turned
For your novel is unwritten
The edges are burned
You’ve wasted these pages
They’re coated with ash
Don’t even think
Of doing something rash

In Debt!
Your soul is still mine
Your hands I will bind
This is imprisonment for the unfaithful kind


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