the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 122 – News Flash

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Hey Mama, did you catch the news?
Kanye and Jay-Z, your rap ain’t lined with real rhythm and blues
‘Cause if ya havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for you son
This world’s got more than 99 problems
I’m pretty sure a bitch ain’t one

Suspected Islamists kill three police officers in Nigeria…
Why you think “Western education is forbidden”? Do we not fit the criteria?
And if you’re about to come up with some ill-tasting slur
We’ll just blame our inadequate education just to be sure

And look…
Four Palestinians killed in latest Israeli air strikes on Gaza
And all you knew about the Israelis was:
They eat bread (like challah) and soups with matzah?
In fine print…
Moscow is providing thousands of tons of wheat
Kim Jong-il knows food shortages don’t taste all that sweet

Oh shit, you thought the Middle East was over it?
New Syrian protests turn deadly, BBC, we have another memory
Another thought quickly filed into the appropriate compartments of our minds:
The “Do Not Bother Reading, There’s Nothing You Can Do” section of
The Unread Times

So you’re telling me
I’m supposed to read the news everyday?
Have you even looked at the news tonight?
I’m afraid of opening up each window
(Which by the way, has been favorited, bookmarked, recommended, liked)
For fear of being blasted by pain,
Being deafened by screams for mercy,
Being washed away in a flood of tears
And being forced to feel something…

‘Cause wait, you’re just a little too comfortable sitting at this screen
And flippin’ through your neatly printed magazine
Twisted and polished by this consumer lifestyle of the money-makin’ scene
But if you truly insist, to just coexist
Don’t say I didn’t warn you,
‘Cause ignorance ain’t bliss


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