the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 117 – Spider and Broken Bottle

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Hey broken bottle,
Remember the dark months, the coldest months
When insanity had yet to consume us
And drive us mad beyond the spectrum of light
Filling us with pangs deep inside?

If you don’t remember, let me remind you
Of the times when I was introduced to black and blue
Yeah, I remember you, the whole you
And now I can say it, because we are through

You used to not be so broken
You were a full glass, with delicate smooth sides
And slick yet endearing, beautiful to the eye
Because you definitely caught all of mine
And seeing you, it was a sign
With the carefully painted label
As you stood atop a carved, wooden table
Bringing me to a halt as I passed by the sink
Enticing me to stop for a drink

As for me, with my eight legs, or limbs,
Moving to create my web in several spins
Shaping each archway, connecting each point
And strengthening intersections and joints
I was too busy to meet with you at first
For I am a creature that humans have cursed

With all of my eyes, I knew that I didn’t really see
And once I entered your presence, I knew what I could be
Yeah, I may have overlooked the finer details – just details
And I may have read one too many fairytales
And rather than focusing on your actual life
I allowed your glass to cut me deeper than a knife
I was caught off guard each time after we met
But our fates had been locked, the future was set

But after days neglecting to pursue prey,
I grew weary, and knew with you I could stay
You were tall, dark, and, cold
And you stood amongst others, so brave, so bold
And I was drawn to you, left my silk threads
For places more comfortable than dark, damp sheds
And alas I was happy, but oh, just for a while
Soon I saw that you only cared about style

And one day, with my four pairs of eyes
I noticed that there was something to despise
I saw that you were cloaked in a deceiving disguise
I could finally read all of your lies
And I was gullible, for believing in your perfection
And at once, in you, I could see my reflection

And as time stole us away, our lives came to a divide
And with you, my eight legs and eyes could not reside
For you became dangerous, you fell from your shelf
And I knew that you knew you had to fix yourself
Though you had lost your bottle cap (to keep you from spilling over)
Something told me you were not my lucky four-leaf clover

And it was finally time, to release, to let go,
To move on, build a new web, somewhere no one would know
And I wrote my last note, and I sent it with you
Down the stream, down the river, toward the oceans of blue
And I sent you on your way without a second thought
For I was tired of watching myself rot

No – I do not look back anymore
For in this world, I’m independent, and alone I explore


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