the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 114 – Deceived*

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Part I:
Your name has the power to drive me
Exciting? I’m desiring
The song of your sweet, gentle name
Playfully balancing on this windowpane
For you dance quite flawlessly
On the horizon of this home
Providing hesitance and caution
As you never pity the fools

Part II:
With tears swelling and streaming
And while they’re busy screaming
Yelling words we cannot translate
Loyally, we shall await
While they throw danger at our feet
For you can live in intoxicating bliss
Can you taste it? It’s not poisonous
You’re allowed to tumble in the impact zone
Just avoid the confusing complexities
Remember that the pained are never alone

Part III:
Ignore those who reduce your dreams
While they may turn into the worse they can be
I ask that you never surrender your strength
I beg you – I dare you – to challenge the hate
To let your paths cross; be a force, but be great
Do not judge with ignorance
But decide with great class
Rewind, but do not turn back time
And leave failure in the past
For if your name can inspire
It is a name to be spoken
So rid of your bandages
For you were never broken

*This poem has been edited since it’s original posting.


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