the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 107 – Taken Captive

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Sands blow along the shore, slowly, but surely, carving the curves of each castle
The astounding fortress, overseeing the water’s edge
And as our hands shape each tower, every wall forms a pathway
Surrounding a spacious plaza where we can lounge for hours
And we are guarded by looming walls
And we have claimed a land that is ours

And a long way down, the waves hug each shell and stone
And in due time, they carefully soften the lines
Breaking them down and scattering them around
Until they too make up the sandy nuisance below our feet
Yet, amidst the delicate dunes of sand lie sharper shards of glass,
Once part of a whole, are now broken
But still bitter and dangerous; they’re too harsh to grasp

But the seas? They control these lands
And they invade and plunder the caves that wrap around our souls
And each of the jagged edges of glass are eventually smoothed out
So that all the parts that you didn’t like are now so easy to love

And as you gather each treasure in the palm of your hand
You share them with me, and help me to stand
So that I too may appreciate each minute and second
And every so often, you help me to breach the walls
And venture beyond the shoreline

As you part the seas so that I may stand along the bars of sand
The underwater mountains that shift just as the currents wish
Suddenly, I am being lifted, and carried,
And I am tempted to open my mouth, and taste the salty spray of the ocean
The waves invite me in further, as they send me hesitant messages
Reaching their arms out to me as though they are to pull me in
And with a rush they take me down,
Until I can finally sail on calmer seas
And follow my own compass as I please


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