the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 100 – What’s Next? A Poem in Two Parts

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Part One
Where do we begin? Where do we begin?
We try to take a step forward
But we’re too scared of jumpin’ in
We froze for a little, then we let ourselves be free
And together we discovered the perfect way breathe:

Part Two
We started before we knew what it meant to grow
We let the curtain drop before the end of the show
We didn’t know what we were doing, nor why we were here
But we let our open mind consume each bite of our fear
And it tasted so sweet, as we swallowed each minute
‘Cause if we were fighting in a war, we forgot we were in it
We couldn’t see the bottom, nor the water within
Still, we let go of inhibitions, and we dove right in
We just went for it with a smile, took a leap into fate
And we saw the other side of oppression and of hate
We forgot about ignorance, but invited those who give
And we taught them new ways on how to love, and how to live
We shared our passion, and left our footprints in the sand
And we’ve left our own impression: be it simple, sincere or grand
And our box of crayons? We saw all the colors were the same
For our only measure of judgment was the sound of each name
We learned that we were artists, as we captured images of our soul
And we took upon our lines as we acted in each role
And we learned to be open minded, we learned to embrace
That we are not defined by status, and we are not defined by race
For identities were blurred, stereotypes forgiven
Human connections were ignited, so our minds were truly driven
To achieve, to succeed, and turn dreams to reality
To reverse all the norms; there was no need for gravity
With nothing keeping us down, we knew to persevere
Because we don’t force generosity, for the community does appear
We rely on them to support us, through all of the pouring rain
And by working through stagnant heat, we’ve become immune to pain
Our hearts are surely stronger, than they were when we first began
Now we can write our next novel, and love as best we can


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