the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 98 – Pandora’s Other Box

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In her eyes, the world is as beautiful as it needs to be
And she trusted me
With this luminous box full of secrets:

Clever maps on how to get to this place and that
All of the side roads and passageways

Little bottles filled with
Different liquids with different consistencies
Several colors and mysteries
Each serving a specific purpose

Flasks filled to the brim
Holding scents with various properties
Entwined with each miniscule droplet

Pressed flowers that hold each memory
Each petal sincerely unique
And I inspect each one for a brief critique

Delicate pieces of parchment
With drawings etched so brilliantly
Portraying purity

And after several hours of
Familiarizing myself with these treasures
She has let me into the hidden secrets of her soul

And as I quickly memorize them for my own use
I must remember that they cannot be used
To repair any crack or fill any hole


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