the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 97 – No Compass

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Thank you very much
For in these days of dry spells
Where minds flooded
And hearts swelled
I was reprimanded
And yet, reminded
Of why I am often blinded

So why the hell
Did I ignore those thin pages
That charted stars of the night
Which softly glimmered with moon’s shining light
That so carefully described the ebbs and tides
And forecasted my shadows’
And looked to me for someone to confide
I guess I was too righteous to improve
And my hands were too stuck in your trust to remove

And rather than letting my heart choose
My careless thoughts would steer me
Allowing me to stray off course
And never toward the south, nor the north
Rather, to the east, then to the west
Shoving me away from my path
Pulling me as if I had no will of my own
And pushing me until I was simply alone


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