the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 95 – Shop Around

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Don’t you just love it when you try on the perfect pair of shoes?
After hours, days, months of searching
Alas here lies the most beautiful pair
But before you buy them, you recall the journey it took to get you there:

At first, you wanted to be sexy but sweet, little miss petite
So you tossed on that summer dress, something lightweight, easy, care-free, like you
And you came across those soft, canvas sandals,
Accented by that plastic gem
So, it looked genuine, but not too expensive
However, after trying it on, you realized it’s only attractive,
Nowhere near supportive, nor comfortable
After a few times wearing ‘em, you retired them
Leaving them in your closet, amongst the other skeletons that have not yet resurfaced in sunlight

You moved on to more of an edge
You wanted to be a bit more chic, but not appear too cheap
As thrift stores are “in”
So you moved in and out of them with vivacity
Sporting that bohemian-esque top and denim jeans
You matched it with gently used boots with laces woven through each flap
And even though you looked like a fuckin’ hipster with that stupid hat,
Your boots where not very kind to you.
For, the bottom had already been broken in,
Leaving you with cuts on your ankles and heels
And after much struggle, but certainly enough pain
You let your tears join the sobbing rain
As it washed away the hurt that simply made you insane

And speaking of used, you vowed to never again be abused
So you moved on to the classy feel
A fresh, clean cut black dress
Matched with a flashy pair of pumps
Fierce, powerful, striking
Ultimately, black is sliming.
Though blisters could have formed,
And your toes were shoved into tight spaces
You still turned heads, lit up faces with bright smiles.
Uncontrollable amounts of attention;
Attention that was so intense that your humbleness was too absent to mention.
But in the end, these shows were too good to be true.
For the heel didn’t have enough of a grip (you wore it down)
Allowing you to slide with each stride
Somewhat unstable, as it did disable
You, as you walked down your runway
And passed through each archway
You two soon had to part ways

Now, fast-forward a bit more, after you’ve said goodbye to:
Many pair of lost shoes.
Sure, some were loyal, but others?
Shoes that were actually lost.
Misplaced. Wrong sizes.
Your injured feet worked to recover.

Please leave a little hope for finding another.
‘Cause a little while later, you have discovered
That perfect pair, that perfect fit.
Simply made to wear it.
You were simply made to wear it.
Perhaps a cushioned, yet firm, sole
Comfortable enough to rest your entire body and soul;
Like clouds, you can glide with them,
As you dance, bend, and twist again.
They will help lift you, as you move with each step
Up each deliberately tall mountain
And down each cascading depth;
Though it seems you’ll have to only choose from what is left,
Know that:
This pair stole you away with another type of theft.


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