the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 94 – Take It All

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I feel like I’ve had this sunburned skin before.
A little too delicate,
My skin cringes at the sight of equatorial light.
The heat pierces through,
Straining inward and downward, into my very bones.
And as my inner core is shaken,
It is like magma churning in an oven, burning.
The tectonic plates above shift and trade places with bodies of water,
Yet, the cool, soothing cycles of waves challenge me.
Even though I prepared myself,
By coating each inch of exposed skin
With generous layers of sunscreen (SPF 60),
I realize that
60 is just as effective at 45.
In an attempt to prevent the sun from doing its most deadly damage
(and also, the misunderstood, coveted work by American culture)
One should now know that attempts to temporarily disarm a weapon
Does not prevent one from occurring anyway.
See, I have been in search of this rare remedy,
Despite the rawness of the skin,
The ability to withstand much punishment was intriguing.
So, “how can I just choose to be honest with emotions,
If I’m too busy worrying about succeeding way far into the future?” I must ask.
And I figured the only way was to be:


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