the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 87 – Scared Shitless

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Can you just shut up for a minute?
Yes, stop talking.
You want to know what pisses me off?
It drives me insane,
As I pull at my hair,
And decide that I can’t…
I just need a bit of constant flow,
Yet my mind is in disarray.
I fucking fear the future.
Am I allowed to say that?
Yes, I am proud to say it.
Unfortunately, I cannot foretell my future’s next tale.
And while I seem to take this very well,
Remember that I do not.
I do not look forward to the fate that someone has presented to me.
Not because of contentment,
But because of resentment.
Yeah, I said it:
I fucking fear the future.
It’s a place not yet seen, only dreamed of,
And rather than being optimistic,
I have forgotten to lock up my negativity.
Without my balance,
I am not a friend of peace and divinity.
Though I envision a place,
Where love replaces race,
Religion is simply tradition,
And suffering leaves us be…
I fear that this is something in life
That I’ll never get to see.


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