the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 86 – Atop the Bookshelf

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In the books of my utopian library, pages are filled with colorful histories, adventures and mysteries. Mysteriously and curiously, the letters on each page ride along the waves of each bend and crease, depicting sentences, run-ons, concepts and thoughts. Paragraphs of pleasure, pressure and patience show ultimate beauty – a type of beauty that you must see for yourself. Here, the skies are painted with pulchritudinous compassion. Sweet, salty waves crash upon the fearfully towering cliffs of courage. Rivers pour generously into the parched oceans; the water quenches the thirst of all those who desire to be refreshed.

Yes, in the books of my utopian library, words are the balance between emotion and devotion. Each sentence’s volition provides me with a new mission. Stringing together the words with the grammatical perfections, dividing the books into sections: new chapters. With each twist and turn, it’s a complex plot line the reader must learn.


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