the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 83 – Permanent

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Just a little tangled
Torn up
Just a little mangled
I see you
Or what’s left of you

You did not just do that
You did not just say that
Stop regretting
It’s not like you can take it all back

Did you not say you would fix everything?
Get better
Do better
What the hell
You want to be better?
Didn’t you read my fucking letter?

I left you instructions
Provided the way
I gave you options
But you lost them
And led yourself astray

Just work a little harder
Run a little farther
Be your own pain
Be a bit of a martyr

A little bit more than unaware

More like
Caught by surprise
Truth, no lies:
Though you have been warned
Your skin has been scarred
Your soul has been scorned

Your salty tears still fall
Wetting your cheek
Flowing down a path they once knew very well
So just
Let them flow
Let the world know

While crystal clear and dark black
Will combine
And create a chalky gray
Just know that
This life still loves you;
You’re here to stay


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