the year of lyrics: a poetry project

my search for inner-peace, one poem at a time

Day 77 – Esoteric Endeavor

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What a quaint little roller coaster
Taking a selfless soul on a ride
After slowly traversing upward
(A steady slope of optimistic trust)
It reaches the peak
Where one gets a glimpse of joy

Suddenly, it’s not so quaint, is it?
Gravity rips the stomach in two
So nah, it’s full of:
Tempestuous twists and turns
Comedic corkscrews and curves
Dramatic jerks and drops

It’s almost like when you
Find yourself sitting comfortably
Legs crossed, foot tucked softly
Under the bend of your knee
Who knew Indian-style could last you?
Yet, you get that stinging sensation

And little needles prod you
Throughout your leg, you feel bubbles
Bouncing tirelessly around
And you touch your leg, but cannot feel it
Instead, your foot is dreaming, sleeping…
The numbness weakens you

It’s almost like growing a tomato plant
Which so generously bears succulent fruit
And when tended with care
Tender love and care
It can prosper in a bath of sunshine
Alongside elegant eggplant and pleasing peppers

Though it’s promising at first
And has the potential to sustain
With heat waves, it can dry up,
With summer floods, it can drown
And take with it, all the precious time
That you (the giving one) had once invested


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